Innovation, exclusivity and sustainability are just some of the qualities that make Certa Cerâmica a reference in the world market in its segment. Permanent investments in new technology and products development, with an eye on the future, result in unique products of incomparable value.

Its products help to advertise world renowned brands through differentiated and exclusive products, reaching all regions of Brazil and many countries in all continents.

Investments in research and the training of employees together with the desire to innovate led to truly original products in their concept, beauty and technology. The mastery of ceramic processes and creativity resulted in the only ultra thermal shock resistant ceramic in the world.

With the Ceraflame and MondoCeram brand names Certa Cerâmica offers ceramic products that bring health, flavor and beauty to your home, because daily moments deserve to become special to enhance style and the healthy pleasure of living.

  • Benefits:
  • 100%  Resistant  to  thermal  shocks

    100% Resistant to thermal shocks
  • Microwave safe

    Microwave safe
  • Scratch-free  surface

    Scratch-free surface
  • Withstands Direct Flame

    Withstands Direct Flame
  • 100% Non-Toxic

    100% Non-Toxic
  • Holds heat longer

    Holds heat longer
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